Implant is a treatment method that enables patients who have lost one or more teeth in a day to regain the lost teeth quickly and easily.


What is Implant?

Implant treatment is one of the most common treatment methods used today to complete missing teeth. The dental implant is placed in the chin bone by the dentist. The implant is made of pure titanium that is compatible with the body. Implants placed in the chin bone act as tooth roots.

What is the Implant Treatment in 1 Day?

Implant treatment in one day means that you have your operation on the day you go to the clinic and separates with your new tooth or teeth. This treatment is the most suitable solution for patients who need to wait months for implant treatment. Thanks to this method, patients do not have to wait without teeth, and short-term insecurity that may arise in terms of aesthetics is eliminated by this treatment. Patients have the chance to continue their lives with a beautiful tooth on the same day.

Implant in a day; It can be applied in single dental implants, multiple dental implants and all oral implants. Today, it is the most preferred treatment method of most patients suffering from dental diseases.

How to Make Implant in 1 Day?

First, plans are made on the images obtained by processing the patient’s tomography images on a computer. In this way, the errors of the doctor who will make the implant are minimized. The length of the implant and some other marks are checked while in the plan stage, and the location, angle and depth of the implant are determined at this stage.

Scanning prosthesis is an anterior prosthesis necessary for planning the positions of computer-simulated implants in the finished prosthesis in the chin model. In this way, it becomes quite easy to determine the position, number and length of implants. One of the most important advantages of this technique is that it provides a good perspective on aesthetic needs.

In the computed tomography images obtained with scanning prosthesis, the areas where the implants will be placed are determined and the type of the prosthesis to be formed after the surgery is clarified.

Finally, thanks to the procedure called “Puncingh”, implantation can be done without touching the surgical guide. Thanks to its specially designed milling, your implant process is completed easily without pain.

Who Can be Applied Implant Treatment In 1 Day?

Implant treatment can be applied to individuals who are over 18 years of age and have completed chin and face development. Before the treatment, the suitability of the patient’s jaw structure for implantation is investigated with x-rays. In diabetic patients, the disease must be in order before treatment. In patients using blood thinners, the drugs should be discontinued a certain time before the treatment. Implant treatments can be performed for individuals with bone resorption after receiving the appropriate treatment.

What are the Advantages of Implant Treatment in 1 Day?

  1. It reduces implant treatment from a period of 6-12 months to 1 day.
  2. Its appearance, function and feeling are similar to one’s own natural teeth.
  3. Compared to a bridge, it is more hygienic and much easier to clean.
  4. Implant prostheses provide better chewing and speaking functions compared to conventional prostheses.
  5. Thanks to the implant, it is ensured that the missings are eliminated without touching the teeth next to the missing teeth.
  6. The implant provides an increase in prosthesis retention.

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