Teeth Bleaching is a common procedure for restoring a natural and radiant appearance to yellowed teeth.


What is Teeth Bleaching?

Teeth Bleaching is a bleaching procedure. It is a technique that is used to improve the appearance of the tooth by removing the yellow, brown, and gray colors.

What Are Teeth Bleaching Operations?

Teeth Bleaching may be performed at home with toothpastes or at a dental clinic by a dentist. Home Bleaching tests indicate that it has a much lower impact than professional Bleaching.

Home Bleaching

Teeth Bleaching may be performed at home with toothpastes or at a dental clinic by a dentist. Home Bleaching tests indicate that it has a much lower impact than professional Bleaching.


Toothpaste that removes stains from the teeth is known as Bleaching toothpaste. These pastes are unable to reach the inner layers of the tooth due to their chemical composition, and only offer a superficial cleaning. These toothpastes can whiten teeth by a lot on average. Clinical Bleaching, on the other hand, will lighten the color of the teeth by up to 8 shades.

Home Teeth Bleaching

A transparent plate is specially prepared for the individual based on the measurements taken from the patient’s mouth and fits perfectly on the teeth. This procedure involves the patient spraiding the Bleaching substance into the plaque before going to bed, then sleeping with it in his mouth. This procedure takes about 1-2 weeks.

Teeth Bleaching with Laser

The most appealing part of this procedure is that it allows you to complete the teeth Bleaching process in a limited amount of time. The bleaching process is completed in 4 minutes after all soft tissues in the mouth, such as gums, are isolated.

Office Type Teeth Bleaching

It’s a process that’s done under the guidance of a doctor. The soft tissues of the mouth are isolated first in this process. After that, a Bleaching gel is added to the teeth, which is then activated with light to whiten them. This procedure can be repeated until the person’s skin is completely white. It is repeated every 1  week intervals

What Should Be Considered After the Bleaching Process?

Cold and heat should be avoided for a few days during this treatment, as they should be for most. Colored foods and beverages should be avoided, and the doctor’s diet should be observed. Cigarettes, tea, coffee, chocolate, cherries, tomato paste, and wine are examples of these coloring agents.When you don’t pay attention, you’ll notice that the whiteness fades and the tooth returns to its original hue.

Who Can Not Be Applied to Teeth Bleaching?

Bleaching is not recommended for patients under the age of 16, since the nerves and pulp chamber of the tooth are at their largest in this age group. When teeth are whitened, the pulp is weakened, which causes problems for the patient that can range from sensitivity to canal care.

Pregnant women, people with extremely sensitive teeth, people with bleaching agent allergies, and people with gum disease should avoid bleaching.

What Are The Factors Causing Tooth Coloration?

  1. İnsanların dişlerinde hayatları boyunca devam eden bir fizyolojik renklenme vardır.
  2. Amalgam dolgu dişte renklenmeye neden olur.
  3. Kahve, çay, sigara gibi dişe renk veren maddelerin fazla kullanılması dişlerde sararmalara hatta kahverengileşmelere neden olur.
  4. Hamile kadınların bu dönemde antibiyotik kullanmaları dişlerinde renk değişime yol açar.
  5. Bebeklerde antibiyotik kullanımı ileride diş renginde değişime neden olur.
  6. Kanal tedavisinden kaynaklanan renk değişimleri olabilir.
  7. People’s teeth have a physiological coloration that lasts their whole lives.
  8. Amalgam filling causes discoloration in the teeth.
  9. Excessive use of coloring materials such as coffee, tea, and tobacco causes teeth to yellow or brown.
  10. The usage of antibiotics by pregnant women during this period causes color changes in their teeth.
  11. Antibiotic usage in babies causes changes in the color of the teeth in the future.
  12. There may be color changes caused by canal treatment.

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