A form of treatment that allows the patient to provide a prosthesis by taking support from the jawbone in the presence of missing teeth or teeth.

The way implants and teeth are connected to the bone is different from each other. Therefore, connecting implants and teeth is not preferred unless it is very necessary.
In cases where there is no extensive infection in the root of the tooth, tooth extraction and implant are performed in the same session.
Implant treatment is a more comfortable procedure than having a tooth out. Most patients do not feel the slightest discomfort during the operation. It is recommended to use ice compression and painkillers for pain control after the operation.
3 months are expected for the osteointegration of the implant and bone and the permanent prosthesis is made after this period. If sufficient support is obtained from the bone when making an implant, implant-supported temporal teeth are made for these 3-month.
In cases of bone deficiency, it is the name given to treatment planning in which some implants are placed angular and bone support is provided. If the implants reach sufficient compressional value during the operation, they can be made in the prosthesis at the same time as this technique.
There is a 3 month wait for implant and bone union to occur, and after this time a permanent prosthesis is made. However, if there is sufficient bone support during implant placement, implant-supported temporary teeth are made for this 3-month period.
It is extremely uncomfortable to remain toothless, especially in cases where the foreteeth need to be pulled out and made an implant. In the treatment of such conditions, the same session is performed on temporary teeth with implant replacement in our clinic. In this way, you can have your teeth on the same day as the implant.

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