Wisdom teeth which are the teeth located in the backmost of the jaws, are 4 in total and often remain impacted because there is not enough space in the jaws.

Wisdom teeth that are usually impacted or semi-impacted need to be checked regularly. It should be pulled out in cases where it causes repeater pain and infection, damages other teeth or causes other problems such as cysts.
The extraction of wisdom teeth is the same as the extraction of other teeth. Removal of impacted and semi-impacted wisdom teeth may require surgery. But in most cases, the tooth extraction does not last longer than 20 minutes.
Thanks to anesthesia performed during the operation, only a feeling of pressure is felt during tooth extraction. There is swelling in the cheek for the first two days after the extraction of impacted teeth in the bone and then this swelling begins to decrease. Stitches are taken out between 7-10 days after tooth extraction. Ice compresses should be made for the first 2 days so that there is no more swelling and pain after tooth extraction.
After tooth extraction, it is normal to have bleeding from the tooth extraction socket. Bleeding can continue for two days. It is important that the patient does not spit during this time. For the first 30 minutes, the gauze pad should be pressed to the area of the extraction. Bleeding can last longer if you use medications that increase bleeding such as Aspirin.

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